Amplified plasmonic exosome Aβ42 is a reliable, non-invasive biomarker for brain amyloid-β burden


  • The amplified plasmonic exosome-Aβ42 has significant superiority over single-molecule array-Aβ as a non-invasive blood biomarker for brain amyloid-β burden.

Why this matters ?

  • Amyloid biomarkers play a key role in identifying asymptomatic individuals at risk for progression to Alzheimer’s disease. Compared with existing amyloid biomarkers, blood biomarkers are a less invasive and more cost-effective option.

  • These findings support the use of single-molecule array-Aβ42 and amplified plasmonic exosome-Aβ42 biomarkers as pre-screening tools for clinical trials and in primary care screening.