Association of preoperative physical performance with postoperative outcomes of lumbar spinal fusion


  • Physical performance measures were associated with both short- and long-term outcomes after lumbar spinal fusion (LSF); the inclusion of these measures may increase the accuracy of prediction models for LSF outcomes.

Why this matters

  • LSF involves significant health risks and (temporary) physical deconditioning.

  • As large inter-individual differences exist, the use of prediction tools for preoperative evaluation of a patient's risk level for poor postoperative outcomes is imperative.

  • Current prediction models using patient and surgery characteristics, and patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) lack predictive power, whereas physical performance measures were shown to be robust in predicting outcomes of major surgery.

  • The addition of these physical performance measures to current prediction models would allow more accurate identification of high-risk patients who may benefit from additional prehabilitation training prior to LSF.