Cardiovascular outcomes five years after transient ischemic attack in people from Asian countries


  • In patients who experience transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor ischemic stroke, five-year risk of cardiovascular death, stroke and acute coronary syndrome is similar in people from Asian and non-Asian countries.

Why this matters

  • Globally, Asian countries have the highest burden of stroke incidence and mortality. This is expected to increase into the future as the population grows and ages.

  • The project has reported substantial improvements in short-term (1-year follow-up) vascular outcomes in TIA care in Asian and non-Asian people, but it is understood that predictors of stroke are different between Asian and non-Asian people.

  • Analysis of longer post-TIA follow-up data is warranted to identify any differences in long-term vascular outcomes between people from Asian and non-Asian countries.