Establishing normal cut-off values for Meissner’s corpuscle densities and bedside measures of sensory function


  • Normal cut-off values were established for monofilament touch-pressure, timed vibration sensation, and Meissner’s corpuscle (MC) densities via in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM).

Why this matters

  • Accurate assessment of sensory function is critical in evaluating and monitoring peripheral nerve disorders, but established bedside measures lack age- and gender-adjusted normal threshold values, and other measures are invasive or painful.

  • MC via in vivo RCM is both non-invasive and painless, but normal values are also not established.

  • This study provides cut-off values for 2 common bedside techniques, and MC via in vivo RCM, which will aid in the identification and management of peripheral sensory nerve disorders.