Improving quality of care for veterans following transient ischemic attack


  • The Protocol-Guided Rapid Evaluation of Veterans Experiencing New Transient Neurological Symptoms (PREVENT) intervention was able to improve the quality of transient ischemic attack (TIA) care for veterans treated at multiple sites across the United States (US).

Why this matters

  • Around 8,500 veterans with TIA or ischemic stroke are cared for in sites across the United States per year.

  • Timely and comprehensive care for people with TIA can reduce the risk of recurrent vascular events by up to 70%.

  • However, studies have shown that there are gaps in quality of care for TIA across all sectors.

  • The PREVENT intervention is a multicomponent quality improvement intervention designed in accordance with the learning health care system model which may help to improve post-TIA quality of care.