Outcomes following surgery for rare brain tumors in Sweden


  • This registry study, the largest to date in Sweden, sets the benchmark for symptomology, tumor characteristics, and post-intracranial surgical outcomes in adult patients with rare brain tumors and will help to better inform patients and their caregivers of the likely outcomes and risks following resection.

Why this matters

  • Intracranial surgical resection of brain tumors carries a high risk of complications, which may appear to be even greater in patients with rare tumors in which personal and institutional experience may be lacking.

  • Data on post-operative outcomes for rare brain tumors are limited and the best available estimates of prognosis and surgical risk are likely inaccurate.

  • It is important to have clear data to inform patients and caregivers of the risks and likely outcomes of surgery, which may help patients to anticipate and cope with post-surgical complications.