Predictive biomarkers for outcome and subtype of ischemic stroke


  • Immune cell counts and C-reactive protein (CRP) level may be useful predictive biomarkers for ischemic stroke outcomes, including death and functional outcomes defined by the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale/Score (NIHSS), the modified Rankin Scale for Neurologic Disability (mRS), and the Barthel Index (BI) score.

Why this matters

  • Several risk factors – including hypertension, dyslipidemia and atrial fibrillation as well as cigarettes smoking, alcohol and diabetes – are known to be associated with increased risk of stroke, but do not account for the totality of stroke incidence. Recently, chronic inflammation has been proposed as an additional important risk factor.

  • A thorough investigation of what chronic inflammatory biomarkers or risk factors could help to predict mortality and functional outcomes in ischemic stroke is lacking.