Prognostic factors for afebrile seizures following mild gastroenteritis


  • Risk of afebrile seizure relapse following benign convulsions associated with mild gastroenteritis is rare and typically accompanied by acute gastroenteritis. Prognostic factors include age at onset, repeated seizures within 24 hours, and no fever during the first benign convulsions.

Why this matters

  • Benign convulsions that occur with mild gastroenteritis, typically vomiting and diarrhea, in children typically have a favorable prognosis. However, some studies have reported afebrile seizure recurrence rates of up to 20%.

  • Benign convulsions associated with mild gastroenteritis is yet to be thoroughly investigated and remains absent from International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) guidance.

  • It is unclear what prognostic factors may be associated with seizure relapse, and an investigation is warranted.