Quantitative spinal cord magnetic resonance imaging in individuals with demyelinating disorder


  • Quantitative spinal cord magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provided valuable information on spinal cord involvement in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS), aquaporin-4 antibody positive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (AQP4-Ab-NMOSD), or myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody disease (MOG-Ab).

Why this matters

    MS, AQP4-Ab-NMOSD, and MOG-Ab are all inflammatory demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system. A hallmark feature in all three conditions is the presence of spinal cord lesions which can cause major disability. To date, no standardized comparative study of the spinal cord using multi-modal MRI has been conducted across the three disease conditions and healthy controls (HCs). The results of this study aids in the understanding of these three conditions to predict outcomes while providing insight into developing future therapeutics.