Resistance to amyloid-beta deposition and cognitive resilience in advanced aging


  • The APOE*2 allele and lower pulse pressure predict resistance to amyloid-beta (Aβ) pathology in people aged 86–100 years with incident dementia, the oldest-old; and higher cognitive scores 14 years prior to most recent cognitive testing predict unimpaired cognitive status.

Why this matters

  • A recently proposed framework for exploring cognitive aging outcomes distinguishes between resistance to, and resilience in the presence of, Alzheimer’s disease pathology; as Aβ deposition and cognitive impact are highly prevalent in the 9th and 10th decades, people within this range are well-suited to the framework’s application.

  • Established predictive markers of Aβ and cognitive outcomes in elderly individuals could impact treatment strategies and healthcare burden in populations with increasing life expectancy rates.